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Homeless Real Estate Agent

Other restate coaches will impress you with their amazing story… How they made the “rookie of the year“. How they crushed it and became an overnight success. Well, not this guru. I was beyond broke when I started in real estate. Things were REALLY bad. Just watch the video below…  

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Best 12 Months In Real Estate

I spent couple of hours on Monday after the trip doing an exercise. Something I do every six months or so to fine-tune the lifestyle I want for me and my family. Helps me get back on track – and STAY on track. This is NOT about setting goals or creating some complicated business plans…

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Real Estate Marketing Tip – Mail Postcards

Even on vacation I think about work… And you guys. How to help you get more good leads, motivated sellers, and saleable listings. Check out my new short video below. I have for ya a simple (and inexpensive) postcard idea you can implement immediately — or next time you and the family are traveling somewhere.…

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Real Estate Success Stories

I have another Listing University Exclusive for you… * Real Estate Rockstar Success Stories * This Wednesday, March, 27, 2013, two successful agents will show you what’s working for them right now (they are NOT trying to sell anything, just share and teach you some cool tips). You will meet Cindy Rushton and Sarah Ford.…

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