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Trouble with Expired Listings

Just got this email: “I am having trouble getting good numbers for expireds. What is the best way to contact expireds?” Donna Keller-Williams If you’re not getting good results with expireds, you’re not alone as you can see.¬† I have some cool new tips and tricks for ya. And if you’re not too busy next…

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Me vs. Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs

Here is snippet from a real estate forum: “I must say Borino you made a tight webpage. In my neck of the woods taking listings isn’t converting much to sales. In a regular market I could see the numbers working like your excel video. I can see in my mls (area) however everything that is…

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Direct Mail is Dead

“Direct Mail Is Dead” read a headline on a busy real estate forum recently. Maybe you’ve seen it. What followed was a frustrated post from an agent complaining¬†about not getting any returns on his Just Sold post card campaign. Nice design, heavy gloss paper, nice photo of the property. This poor guy mailed hundreds and…

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