Ten For Ten

real estate ideas tips“Real estate? Things are slow right now. Everyone wants to wait after the holidays. Nobody wants to list at the moment. There aren’t that many good expired listings….”

Most agents believe all of that to be the truth. That’s why most agents make $37,908.

And then there are exceptional agents. Ahead of the crowd. Moving forward. Focused, positive… and very successful. Like Mike with Keller Williams. I met Mike about two months ago when he became my coaching client.  Every week we’ve been working on strategies how to get more good leads and listings quickly. And it took Mike less than two months to start getting some very cool results (in spite of the holidays and other excuses). So cool in fact, I wanted to share our coaching session with you – which I normally never do.

Mike went to see ten sellers and walked away with ten listings. Ten for ten!

One of them was an expired. NINE agents called the seller before Mike. Four with the same company. Mike got the listing. You will find out how, including the script Mike used to get the listing — THAT same day!

You’ll also learn a technique to use if you’re having a hard time agreeing on the right price with a seller.

And the best approach to turn FSBOs into listings. 

This 30-minute session will inspire you. Check it out.

Listen Online:[audio:http://d1r8t9x4zlsklo.cloudfront.net/mike-real-estate-success.mp3|autostart=no]

Download the audio to your computer – Right-click “Save As…”

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