The Scratch and Dent Sale

Wow, what a great weekend! We closed the office early on Friday and I took off for a nice long weekend with great friends, great snow, and awesome skiing. Getting up the mountain was a bit hairy – the snow storm made the road beautiful but tricky to drive.

At the end we did make it to the cabin just fine. And the next day? Just perfect. Blue skies, great snow, no crowds and LOADS of fun. Check it out:

Don't I look as if I knew how to ski? 😉

I got back yesterday…. A little tired from all the skiing, but feeling GREAT. So I wanted to share the love with ya! See, we have recently gotten four brand new Expired PLUS 2.0 packages back because of a shipping goof (Peggy insists it was the USPS, I’m blaming the gremlins). Regardless… These are unopened, perfectly fine, ready to get you leads and listings sets. BUT…

We can’t sell them as brand new anymore. So if you don’t mind a little dent or a tiny scratch on the book cover, you will save yourself $100 from the original price and you’ll be ready to list expireds.

Brand-new Expried PLUS ready for grabs. That big box underneath is the new shipment of Open House PLUS.

So if you want to get your hands on one of the Expired PLUS packages and save a bundle, order here and type in “100” as a discount coupon on the right side of the check out page. That’s it. Enjoy!



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