The Success Mindset and Why Agents Hate Prospecting

Your success as a real estate agent starts with the right mindset. You already know what to do so why is it so hard – and why so many realtors struggle with prospecting? Why is lead generation, phone prospecting, and other methods so hard and stressful? Techniques like discipline and “just do it” work only for a short while. In this Borino LIVE you will learn that the real problem is not your motivation or your personality, but the evolution of our brains. Being nervous at first when prospecting such as calling expired listings, cold calling, or visiting FBSOs is a natural reaction that is built into our system. Yes, it is uncomfortable and positive RAH RAH self talk and other methods don’t help because they don’t address the real issue. But there is a solution. You will get some tips and practical advice that helped not only your coach Borino (who used to be very nervous as you’ll find out), but many of his students to overcome call reluctance, fear of prospecting, and discomfort of talking with prospects.

BORINO – Author of FSBORINO – A Complete System to List FSBOs

The Success Mindset And Why Agents Hate Prospecting – Real Estate Coaching #122

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