Trouble with Expired Listings

Just got this email:

“I am having trouble getting good numbers for expireds. What is the best way to contact expireds?”


If you’re not getting good results with expireds, you’re not alone as you can see.  I have some cool new tips and tricks for ya. And if you’re not too busy next Thursday – November 4, I will share it with you on the next private webinar:

See, now is a great time to go after expireds for three reasons:

  1. Market has slowed down
  2. Most competition goes on a mental hiatus
  3. Plenty of expireds to choose from

You’ll learn:

  • Three most effective ways to contact expireds
  • What makes expireds angry – and how to easily fix it
  • The most powerful marketing weapons that will instantly make you stand out from your competition

If you’re not listing AT LEAST one expired every month, you’re doing something wrong. Let’s fix it.

Here is a replay of the seminar. Just click the play button below. And please leave your feedback and comments!



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