Trouble With the Guarantee

Lex is a newer agent in Beverly Hills, California. He needed listings quickly so came on board the Expired PLUS. But he ran into some questions and issues. Mainly, his broker wouldn’t let him use the sale guarantee: “I will sell your house in 90 days or I’ll sell it for free”.

It’s not uncommon. And I understand that many brokers and owners try to protect you from working for free. Make sense. BUT… there is more to it. So Lex and I spent some time going over his questions, including:

  • Should you really allow sellers to cancel the listing anytime?
  • Your broker wouldn’t allow the 90-day guarantee. Now what? And frankly, you don’t want to work for free.
  • If I were to start again here is the first thing I would do.
  • Why the size of your marketing plan doesn’t matter that much.
  • Easy ways to keep the expireds organized.

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