There are some seminars I just LOVE putting together and presenting. Because the topic is important. Because it makes a lasting impact.  Information that can change your business and your outlook on life — almost immediately.

The “UNStuck” seminar Jennifer Allan and I did on Saturday is one of them. This real estate business can get pretty crazy and stressful at times. Deals falling apart, tough sellers, canceled listings, buyers who get cold feet. It can be a challenge to make it through the day without loosing your sanity.

Jennifer and I share our favorite tips and strategies. What to do when things go sideways. How to quickly get back in the groove. How to avoid some of the problems in the first place, and how to put fun back into the day-to-day work. Check it out. Just click the play button below. And please – write your comments. Let me know if the info was helpful.


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