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In this live coaching session Borino will show you what the foundation of your success in this business really is: the right mindset. Evaluate your focus, beliefs and expectations. How to set the right intentions for the day to attract more leads, more clients and listings, more commissions – and more success. We’ll talk about scripts, dialogs, follow up, strategy that gets you business right now. Here are the questions Borino answers in this training session: – Coach, I have been a faithful disciple of your methods for nearly 2 years and they have served me very well. Since the beginning of the year, it seems that the market is moving so fast, that I’m not making it through the process with FSBO’s or Expireds. They seem to sell or RE-list before I have the opportunity to work through the trust cycle. What’s missing ? Is there a way to speed up the trust cycle? – Do you have any suggestion on dealing with seller that talks the whole time to the point that it takes you out of your presentation? –  I am working with a potential seller, it’s a tough property to do a CMA on so I recommended that they get an appraisal done before listing. My CMA came in at $850k, however, two other agents are also trying to get the listing and have told the seller that their property is worth $1.2 million and $1.3 million (obviously WAY over). Appraisal comes back this week and I know that it will be less than $900k. The seller just told me that they probably won’t go with me because the other agents said their home is worth more. What should I do?

REAL ESTATE TIPS FOR AGENTS: Why Did They Pick Another Agent? – Borino Success Coaching

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