X-Club Podcast: Q & A with Jimmy Noble

Today I’m chatting with Jimmy Noble from Baltimore, Maryland. Recently I posted a short video Jimmy had sent me. Tons of people watched it – so many in fact, it crashed the media server for a day. And then an avalanche of questions.

“How does he do it? What is his day like? “Does he call or knocks on the door?”

So I spent over an hour with Jimmy on the phone. Going over every single question you guys sent.

  • Jimmy walks us through his day (I was kind of surprised – no weekends?)
  • How Jimmy tracks his leads (no, it’s not on Top Producer!)
  • Check out how he solved the “no track record-no testimonials” problem
  • How Jimmy convinces an expired to list with him
  • How he sold 30 expireds last year
  • Why he prefers NOT to be the first agent to list the house
  • How he handles expireds that are overpriced
  • What about the DNC – this was a surprising answer!
  • …and much more!

Find out, enjoy and learn – Jimmy Q & A. And remember to post your comment!

[wpaudio url=”http://borino-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/Jimmy-q-a.mp3″ text=”Q&A With Jimmy” dl=”0″]

You can also download the call here

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