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I have another Listing University Exclusive for you…

* Real Estate Rockstar Success Stories *

This Wednesday, March, 27, 2013, two successful agents will show you what’s working for them right now (they are NOT trying to sell anything, just share and teach you some cool tips).

You will meet Cindy Rushton and Sarah Ford.

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Cindy is a 25-year business veteran. She has been through good markets and bad, booming economy and a total slump. She has seen all the usual market ups and downs.

Her business has not only survived but thrived through it all. Her secret is good old fashioned marketing mixed with cutting edge technology tools.

Cindy is an expert on getting great listings and getting them sold. She will show you how she does it.

She is awesome at keeping her clients happy, which of course means plenty of referrals. You’ll learn how on Wednesday.

And here is the best part, she still has a life. Family, kids, a husband — she deals with the same stuff you and I do while being a busy and successful agent.

Sarah has been in the business for six years. From the beginning, she didn’t want to get stuck in the the usual new agent ditch: prospect, prospect, prospect, beg for business, fight for scarps.

Sarah figured out a way to make plenty of commissions and have a successful business, but without the old-fashioned (and painful) methods that seldom work…

She will show you where (and how) she finds good buyer and seller leads. She will teach you how she turns them into transactions and commissions quickly.

And just like Cindy, Sarah has to balance a personal family life and busy real estate life.

Come join us for a great interview this Wednesday.

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I promise you will be taking plenty of notes and walk away with some great ideas. There will be no sales pitch at the end or anything. This is nothing but useful content.

See you on Wednesday, 3/27/2013, at 1PM Eastern Time!

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